Here at Gracie's Gourmet Treats, we have been animal lovers for a very long time, and with 6 dogs ourselves, we know how important it is to cater to a dog’s dietary requirements. After experiencing difficultly sourcing food and treats for one of our dogs, who is a fussy eater, and another with severe intolerance, we decided to get started on making our own. We have created a range of dog treats that are affordable, healthy, and have no additives, and these are suitable for all types of dogs, regardless of their intolerance. Our treat range includes:


  • Vegan-Friendly Treats

  • Gluten-Free Treats

  • Meat-Free Treats

  • Egg-Free Treats

  • Dairy-Free Treats

  • Animal By-Product-Free Treats


Hi, my name is Gracie, and I am an incredibly fussy eater who has always struggled to find food and treats that I enjoy. My mum has worked really hard to find different substitutes for things that I like and she has begun to make lots of delicious treats that I have no problem snaffling.


Hello, my name is Maddie, and I am Gracie’s daughter. Since I was born, I have suffered from various food allergies, which have caused me to suffer from rashes and other issues that irritate my body. Since my mum decided to make a tasty range of food and treats, with ingredients that are suited to me and my diet, my condition has improved a lot!

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